Resume CV WordPress Plugin

Create Resume / CV easily with WordPress. Perfect way tools that help you to make positive impression. This minimal and modern design will highlight your most relevant features to get you noticed and create a consistent voice of your personal brand in all communications. To use this plugin :

  • Create a Page and choose Template : Resume CV Template
  • In the admin area . Click Resume CV and do modification than save
  • Just go to page url to see the resul

Features :

  • Profile
  • Contact
  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Hobby
  • Skill

You can download resume cv plugin from
And you can see the demo here : resume template demo

If you want to make it as PDF / PNG / JPG . You can use google chrome and Full Page Screen Capture Addons. Here is the addons : . After you install it in google chrome. Just open your resume, than on the google chrome on the right above click the icon Full Page Screen Capture (camera icon). After that if you want to conver it as PDF , there is PDF choice button on that addons

14 thoughts on “Resume CV WordPress Plugin

  1. hello sir
    your plugin is very good but there is one problem its not mobile responsive.
    site is working properly on computer but on phone its not responsive , for example the display pic looks so big on phone but on computer it is perfect.
    kindly update it.

    1. I use bootstrap css framework for handle mobile responsive . What is you mobile phone merk ? Because it work fine in my samsung phone. Thank you

      1. Can this plugin be used for users to list their resume on a website? It seems only the admin can use it, right?
        Please, kindly educate me.
        Thanks. It is a great plugin.

    1. You must know php and css ..
      Just add in your functions.php

      function area97_customcss() {
      	echo '';
  2. Hi Nukeama,

    I really like the plugin you designed and I’m using your template to make my online resume.
    But I think there is a place where you can make adjustment. When I tried to list the projects I did, I wanted to add link to those projects, so others can click on the name and open my project. However, I cannot add link for the text I input (seems you blocked all format).
    If you can update it, it would be great.

  3. Hi, I have a problem:
    I can install the plugin in WordPress 5.0.1, but when I want to activate the plugin, I get this error message:

    The plugin does not have a valid header.

    What I can do?

    1. It’s strange. Because i use WordPress 5.0.1 too ..
      Just try delete the plugin first. Than try reinstall the plugin ..
      If it still can’t be activated .
      You contact me trough and give me access to your admin panel ..
      So i can try to check what cause it ..

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