HCJ Code Editor WP Plugin for Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML online

HCJ Code Editor WordPress Plugin is a plugin which¬† allows you to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in realtime and preview the results on the same page. It’s almost same as JSFiddle or Codepen , but more simple. I made it for my collection HTML , CSS , JS Code and practicing my programming. Also i want to organize my simple code based on category and modify the theme.
I suggest if you want to use it , just using in your localhost only and not in production hosting. Because it allow execute javascript
Because it allow output and execute javascript , i think it will not be approved in wordpress.org repository so i upload it in my github.
If you want to download. Just through my github here.
From making this plugin , i learn about


to make custom template theming from plugin , create custom post and how to use ace editor.

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