Mini CrossWord Android Brain Games You Must Have

Have you ever played crosswords ? Crosswords is brain games using puzzle box. Ussualy it appear in magazine or newspaper. But today , many android game who have cross words. Here are some crosswords games which i think you must have

Mini Crossword Puzzle English

Mini Crossword is crossword to train your English vocabulary. This free crossword work offline , so you don’t need internet connection. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a brain teaser for the train commute or in waiting time. Just click this , if you want to download mini crossword puzzle

Crossword English Chinese Vocabulary

Do you want to train English Chinese vocabulary ? This crossword is perfect for you. It contain pingyin, Chinese character and English vocabulary . It contain HSK 1 , HSK 2 until HSK 6. So you can learn almost all characters. nglish is most popular language in the world , and Chinese is 2nd most popular language. If you can speak Chinese and English , you can communicate with 2.5 billion people in the world. With this app, you can learn English Chinese vocabulary step by step and improving your language skills. You can download English Chinese Crossword Free

TTS Asah Otak Indonesia

Do you want to train your knowledge in Indonesian language. TTS or Teka Teki Silang is the answer. TTS Asah Otak is crossword suitable for that. With more than 100 levels. It’s very fun to play this game. The design is easy and nice. And it has help , so you always know the answers.

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