How To Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

To make your website load faster if you are using wordpress here is some checklists which you need to know

  • Choose good website hosting (website server) and which is suitable for your needs. Why you must choose good hosting ? Because website hosting can determine your website loading. If you want to make website for shopping, it has different need when you want to make website for blogging
  • Choose minimalist theme for fast response. Multipurpose theme ussually has a lot resources which need to be loaded. Because it has many purpose functions , css and javascripts files. Choose theme which is specific for your needs. Anyway you don’t need all the functions.
  • Don’t use too many plugins. I think , the ideal plugins should be less than 6. If you use too many , it will slow your website
  • Compress your javascript , css and images.
  • Always update your theme and plugin so suitable with your WordPress version
  • Use CDN
  • Using caching plugins like w3 total cache
  • Deactivate Trackback and Pingback
  • Delete Old Revision Post. You can use revision control plugin

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