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Headline WordPress Theme is my next experiment WP Theme with simple design. I just want to know how many request people who want to download minimalist theme. So i make theme with no jQuery included only simple Javascript , simple CSS , no web font. It’s based Underscore WP Framework which i only modify a little in the css and php code. You can download free headline wordpress theme on wordpress.org. If you want to customize color and font and remove footer copyright just buy headline pro extensions plugin

It use Bootstrap Framework ( Grid and Utility) which i include in the style.css , So the css is only 1 file.  It use microformat for the php file so search engine friendly. Just using hentry , entry-title , entry-summary and entry-content. I hope it’s usefull. And if you have any ideas or request just comment on this post .

8 thoughts on “Headline WordPress Theme

    1. Hi Ross,
      Just do this .
      From Customize -> Additional CSS
      Add this code :

      a, a:visited { color:#ff0000; }

      If you want to change the font size entirely

      body { font-size: 26px; }
  1. Hello there,

    I have started using your theme and really like it. However, I had to modify style.css as you can see here (https://cigilovic.com) but now mobile version has lost its responsiveness. I actually just changed a few lines so I could use more space on the screen for my crowded menus.

    Can you please give me any information on how I can modify this without affecting the mobile and responsive versions?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi ..

      If you want to modify menu in desktop .
      Just use media query for css .
      So the modify css should be in the line like this :

      @media (min-width: 768px) {
      	.main-navigation div>ul>li {
      		margin:20px 0;
    1. Hello ..

      Have you download headline extension pro plugin and activate from your plugin area ?
      If it has been activated than in your Customize WordPress , there is menu Section Pro Colors, Section Pro Font and Section Pro Footer.
      If you have still any difficulties , you can contact me trough : http://wpamanuke.com/contact/

      Thank you

  2. Hai I’ve order ketovadu on line purchase but nothing on my email about an order or when to expect for it

    1. Hello..

      My website is about WordPress Theme and Plugin .
      Not selling ketovadu ..
      Perhaps you see online advertisement .


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