Showcase Theme Preview Reloaded

For some days i am looking for showcase theme preview plugin in for showing my future themes Finally i found WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin in , but it was 8 years old and not updated. So i just modify it a little to meet my needs. The plugin is simple and just like my expectation so i add javascript to make it work in post , page and category.

Beside using shortcode  [theme_showcase] , you can use Theme Preview widget on sidebar / footer to choose theme preview which you want

I upload it to so it’s usefull for anybody and can be modified as they need. This plugin is usefull for wordpress theme developer showcase their simple themes.

You can see the demo here :


Random Theme WordPress Plugin

After long not programming , finally i get idea to make random theme wordpress plugin

The idea is simple . In wordpress plugin there are a lot of random wordpress plugin just like random post , banner , image , gallery etc but not exist random theme.

So i make it based on another plugin.

After 3 days research and programming  finally i can make it .

I call it Random Theme .

It will display random theme when visitor come to your website. So just choose nice themes for your website at least 2 themes.

You can see the demo here :