Amazon ASIN Collector

Just Drag and Drop this link to your toolbar : WPAmaNuke ASIN Collector

How To Use


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How it works. Just see this amazon ads on bottom

Some Note

- If the ASIN is more than it seems . it means there is hidden products which is not display (in css display : none). You can test it in open and login and it can grab the ASIN too.
- WPAmaNuke ASIN Collector is actually for single page ASIN Grabber. So just open and Click WPAmanukE ASIN Collector
- You can also use in google search. For example open After that type this query : "sony bravia" after that click search. Just click WPAmanuke in toolbar , and it will collect ASIN too
- It can be used in any website which contain Amazon ASIN url standard
- It can be used to remove duplicate ASIN, after you collect ASIN in notepad. For example get 1000 ASIN. If you want to remove duplicate ASIN, just copy the ASIN List in the textarea and click Collect