Amazon ASIN Collector

Just Drag and Drop this link to your toolbar : WPAmaNuke ASIN V.2
( Latest Code Update : 20 December 2018 )

How To Use

Some Note

- If the ASIN is more than it seems . it means there is hidden products which is not display (in css display : none). You can test it in open and login and it can grab the ASIN too.
- WPAmaNuke ASIN Collector is actually for single page ASIN Grabber. So just open and Click WPAmanukE ASIN Collector
than click when there is red rectangle which you want to grab - You can also use in google search. For example open After that type this query : "sony bravia" after that click search. Just click WPAmanuke in toolbar , and it will collect ASIN too
- It can be used in any website which contain Amazon ASIN url standard
- If you want to normal link click (not grab ASIN) than choose Grabber : Not Active
- If you use chrome. To add bookmark . From Tools -> Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks bar